Test your home for radon

Testing your home is easy. Have a professional like us conduct your test for quick answers, like during a real-estate transaction, or purchase an easy do-it-yourself kit from your nearest hardware store if you can allow the time for testing and mailing your results to the lab.

Mitigate any elevated levels of radon

If you find levels of radon exceeding 4 pCi/L getting the radon out of the air in your home is relatively easy. Installing a system that will expel the gas from under your foundation carries costs that are in-line with common household repairs. Simply contact your favorite contractor, or find one using our list of Radon certified contractors here in Alaska.


Retest your levels to ensure any mitigation efforts have been effective, and every two years to ensure your air remains free of radon.

Breathe Easily

Breathe in deeply. Exhale thoroughly.